We embrace the command in Matthew 28:19-20 to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. We’re committed to go beyond our walls through the support and sending of people who want to connect people to Jesus for transformed lives as growing disciples.

We partner with organizations meeting physical needs of people and providing avenues to meet spiritual needs.

Local Missions Partners:

Global Missions Partners:

Central India Christian Mission (CICM)

CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training, and more.

The Missions of CICM is "Taking the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ to unreached people in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh…and to the ends of the Earth."

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Serving In Mission (SIM)

We are  multi-ethnic, multi-skilled teams living out the gospel in heart, word and deed that brings the good news to communities where Jesus Christ is least known. Cornerstone specifically support Chris and Holley Sierra who are currently preparing to serve in Burkina Faso, Africa. To see their updates, join their mailing list here.  


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Sojourn Collegiate Ministry

Sojourn focuses on ministering to college students in the New England area.

Sojourn is a COMMUNITY who loves to have fun and gets excited to meet new people. Everyone is welcome, no matter race, sexuality, gender, religious beliefs, career aspirations, political affiliations, or anything else. They believe that all of us are on a journey of discovery.

Sojourn partners with nonprofit organizations to help fight for JUSTICE  on campus and beyond the walls of college. They believe that we have a better chance of making the world a better place if we work together.

Sojourn creates space to talk about FAITH and our place in the world. They believe in inviting people to to have honest conversations about things that matter. They believe in those spaces and through those conversations God will lead us to discover his dream for us.

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Stadia Church Planters

Stadia began with a vision of a city – a heavenly city 12,000 stadia long and filled with people from every nation praising God (Revelation 21:16). We exist to make this vision a reality by bringing people and churches together to plant healthy churches that transform the lives of children, now and for eternity.

Stadia began in the fall of 2003, when leaders of the Northern California Evangelistic Association (NCEA) met with leaders of the Church Development Fund (CDF) to create a nationwide church planting organization called Stadia. Since then, Stadia and our partners have planted almost 289+ U.S. churches and 189+ global churches and has mobilized sponsorship of over 30,000 children in impoverished communities.

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Team Expansion

Team Expansion partners with the global church to mobilize, train, and coach qualified workers in the implementation of the fruitful practices of church planting movements.  Their purpose is to multiply disciples and churches among the unreached with a vision to have 24 disciple-making movements by 2024.

Cornerstone specifically supports one family in their work in Eastern Europe. For their safety and the longevity of their mission, we are unable to put their names and information in this public forum. If you have questions, contact Josh Mehrle at JoshM@onecornerstone.org.



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