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Each year at Cornerstone we partner with the Christian Activity Center to fulfill some needs and some wishes for the kiddos who are a part of the programs at CAC. This year we are also going to be providing items for some families in our local school districts as well.

Beginning on Saturday, November 23 tags will be available listing specific items requested for the kids. We recommend keeping the limit for the amount spent at approximately $25-35 for each tag. There are some gifts that are requested that cost more than this. Please fill out the top tag with your information on it and place it in the jingle basket on the tables.

Take the back tag (which is a sticker) with you as you shop. Bring your WRAPPED Gifts back to Cornerstone no later than December 8 with the sticker tag attached firmly to the gift.

Thank you for being a blessing to kiddos in our community.

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