What are Groups?

The mission of Cornerstone is to

Connect People to Jesus for Transformed Lives

Not only does this mean that we strive to be a church that seeks out people and show them the saving love of Christ, but it also means we want people to have a very personal and growing relationship with Christ.

This is why we make Groups a priority at Cornerstone.  We want people to get connected to the church not only to serve, but to do life with others.  We want to create environments for people to learn, grow, pray, seek God, encourage, and walk through both the good times and hard times of life together.

Join a group to either begin or continue your journey and walk in faith.

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Connect with a Group

Even as we are in the crazy season of COVID-19, we have been able to find ways to still do Groups.  Some Groups will be meeting online, but others have a plan on having socially distanced meetings with a maximum number of people.

Check out the Groups available for the Winter/Spring of 2021.