HSM Ireland Mission Trip

HSM Ireland Mission Trip

This mission trip is currently full. Be sure to watch for more mission opportunities in the future.


Dates: June 23 to July 6th

Organizations: CIY Engage, Summer Madness and Streetreach in Northern Ireland

Description of the trip:
Engage has the great privilege to partner with Summer Madness and Street Reach in Northern Ireland. This team will begin the experience by volunteering at the Summer Madness festival, a huge gathering of youth from all over Northern Ireland who worship and learn together. The festival will consist of times of worship with national bands and speakers, youth-focused workshops, and other fun activities throughout the day. The Engage team will be on the event crew service team to help the festival flow smoothly by helping in different capacities. After five days of the festival, the team will then be sent out with people who attended the festival to participate in Street Reach where they’ll engage in service experiences in a variety of ways (street clean-up, possible kids camps, gardening/yard work, etc). Northern Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. Through this opportunity with Engage, you’ll get to worship and serve alongside other young people in Ireland and see how the Spirit is moving through this country.

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