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#ForMetroEast exists to serve the communities of the Metro East of St. Louis, to unite perspectives, and to be an ally for all people. We are FOR you. Too often in our polarized culture, people are known by what they’re AGAINST - against liberals or conservatives, the 1% or the poor, the LGBTQ community or the church, millennials or boomers. You name it, someone’s against it. We, on the other hand, want to be known by what (and who) we are FOR.

We are FOR the Metro East.

Our next #ForMetroEast serve day information will be here soon!




Beacon Ministry

One of the ministries of Beacon is to offer furniture to people in need. Beacon has a warehouse of furniture that has been donated. Each month on one Saturday morning, Cornerstone provides the trucks and physical strength needed to pick up and deliver furniture to local residents. Sign-up here to help with monthly furniture deliveries.



Christian Activity Center

The Christian Activity Center is a lifeline for many kids living in East St. Louis. Each weekday after school, CAC provides assistance with homework, music lessons, karate classes and a variety of other activities. Volunteers help with these activities to show the children the love of Jesus. Sign-up here to volunteer with CAC.




First Priority

First Priority unites students in our local churches to share the Hope of Christ through their faith story, the gospel message, and acts of service.

First Priority unites parents, teachers, pastors, church members, and community leaders to encourage students to lead their campus to Christ.

First Priority is a weekly club for daily impact at local schools.

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1st P

St. Louis Christian College

Saint Louis Christian College is a four-year Bible College that offers a variety of degree programs. Saint Louis Christian College is committed to developing the student’s relational ministry skills as well as academic excellence.

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His Hands Homeless Ministry

His Hands Homeless Ministry provides basic needs to the homeless and unfortunate individuals in the St. Louis community. once basic needs are met and relationships are formed, then we are able to share the Gospel to those with an open heart. For details on this ministry, email Billy Ngo at hishands@onecornerstone.org.

Donations of the following items are always accepted:

Seasonally appropriate clothing and outerwear
prepackaged snacks

You may bring these labeled with "His Hands" and drop them in the kitchen at the Shiloh Campus.

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Helps Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to help take care of physical needs throughout our congregation. These needs could range from small home maintenance or improvements to car repairs, and everything in between. You can share your skills and talents to help those who need a helping hand.

On the fourth Saturday of each month, those who are willing to help meet some of these needs will gather at Cornerstone's Shiloh Campus at 7 am to talk through the jobs, pray, and then head out to get the work done.

To serve with this ministry, click here.

If you have a need that we can help with, click here.


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Upcoming Events

Online Campus

Join us on our Online Campus at 11:00am each Sunday.

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