Child Dedication

Children are a wonderful gift from God!

The blessing of being a parent is one that also comes along with a huge responsibility. We want to stand alongside you as you commit to raise your child according to God's word and His ways. This commitment ceremony is a way to publicly proclaim along with family and friends that you will teach your child about God’s Word and pray for them to one day come to know Him.

Our next Child Dedication is set for Saturday, April 15 at 2pm.

Step One

Let us know you are interested in taking part in our next Child Dedication by clicking the button below. Be sure to invite friends and loved ones to attend with you!

Be sure to include the photos and prayers that will be shared during the event!

Step Two

Take some time to watch Video 1 and answer the questions here.

Step Three

Take some time to watch Video 2 and answer the questions here.