At Cornerstone, whether in a Group or on a team, we are serious about helping people grow in faith together. We use an acronym called P.A.S.S. that comes from our key scripture.
You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to PASS them on to others.
2 Timothy 2:22 
While the identity of a Group will look different from one to the next, each Group/team is responsible to display all the elements of P.A.S.S.    Groups at Cornerstone are designed to help each person take the next step in their faith. We can do that in one of the following three different ways: Huddles, In Homes, or On Campus. Any of these options help people connect in a way that best fits their needs. All the areas have elements of accountability, community and learning; yet, you will find they primarily emphasize one more than the rest.
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A movement of 4-6 people who are committed to one another through daily being in the Word and weekly meeting together. These groups are for those who want to grow in character and accountability with like-minded people who are seeking to be transformed by the Bible and discipled by the leader.  People at any point in their spiritual journey can grow in a Huddle. Huddles are gender specific and last 15 weeks.
In-Home Groups
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These groups will challenge and grow one another as they seek to learn from the Word of God. These groups are created to help us be known. Each group will learn and study different topics specific to helping the individuals of the group take next steps in their faith. The topic is usually decided on by the leader or collaboratively as a group.
On-Campus Groups
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Every week these groups will dive into the word or a subject to help groups members grow. Each member of an On-Campus Group will be committed to learning and growing together for a season to help them get closer in their relationship with Jesus.

Interested in Leading a Group?

Groups are something we  prioritize and value here at Cornerstone. So much growth happens when people meet together and form a base of community support while studying God's word and learning to move forward in their commitment to Christ. If you would like more info about being a group leader, please let us know.