Cornerstone Students

Cornerstone Students exists to connect students to Jesus for transformed lives.

Middle and High School can be a confusing time in life.  During these years students are searching for identity and it is our goal to help them grow their identity in Christ.  We do this through helping students grow in three types of relationships:
Peers for Jesus-centered friendships
Adult Leaders who provide Jesus-centered wisdom and guidance
Jesus for either the start of a first time relationship, or to continue to know and live like Him more.

Our desire is to partner with parents, equipping them to help their students love and look more like Jesus.

We want every student to: know that Jesus will never stop loving them, realize the church is a safe place to go with their questions, feel that we were made to live in community with other believers, and live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is.

Current Student Programming

Middle School

When God speaks, we respond. MS Respond is a next level opportunity for our students to dig into challenging issues of faith. Respond classes will provide opportunities to grow at different levels and wrestle their personal faith with their peers.

Middle School Respond meets on Sunday mornings on the O'Fallon Campus during the 9:30am service. The Shiloh Campus students will meet during the 11am service.

Summer YOUTH

Summer YOUTH is for 6th - 12th graders and meets each Wednesday from 6:30-8pm.  Students from both O'Fallon and Shiloh campuses will meet together weekly. We will provide students a space each week to stay in the rhythm of seeing their peers and leaders throughout the summer.  There will be theme nights, plenty of games, devotionals, and most importantly -- the chance to be together.
  • Love the LOU  | Monday, June 21  |  Registration Closed
  • Dynamic Duos  |  Wednesday, June 23
  • Camp(us)  |  June 28 - July 1  |  $99  |  Registration Closed
  • Board Game Extravaganza  |  Wednesday, July 7
  • Holiday World  |  Tuesday, July 13  |  $45  |  Register Here
  • Fair  |  Wednesday, July 14
  • Gateway Grizzlies Game  |  Tuesday, July 21
  • Youth Summer Olympics  |  Wednesday, July 28

Meet the Team

Patrick Wheeler

Family Pastor

Micah Balu

O'Fallon Student Minister

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