Give a Gift for CAC

Thank you so much for taking part in Giving Gifts to the kids at the Christian Activity Center!

We are suggesting that each gift's value be around $50. As you look at the list, there are some gifts that will be over this amount.
Thank you for committing to whichever gift works for your family's budget.

Please return your UNWRAPPED gifts to Cornerstone's Campus no later than December 10. There will be a tree by the "This Is For Everyone" wall where you can drop the gifts off.
Each child will receive three separate gifts in total.
We try to provide a couple of needs and at least one fun item or special wish for them as well.

Please be sure to clearly notate the child's code on the box or bag. For example: G1A, or B6C. This will ensure we can get the correct gift to the correct child.

If you would like to shop online and have the gift delivered to the church- please include the child's number code in the Name Line.
The church address is:
Cornerstone Christian Church (INCLUDE THE CHILD'S NUMBER CODE HERE)
775 N Green Mount Road
Shiloh, Illinois 62221

Gifts May Be Returned to Cornerstone's Campus:
During any weekend service
During any midweek service
Monday-Thursday from 8:30am to 4pm