Saved People Serve People

Followers of Jesus do more than just learn about him, they obey him.  Jesus was a servant and we look most like Him when we are lovingly serving others.  Serving changes lives -   yours and the people you serve. So, whether you are serving in the church, the Metro East community, or in foreign countries, prepare to be transformed.

At Cornerstone, we want to help you experience the joy of making an impact.  If you have an interest or passion, we have an opportunity for you to use your gifts to serve others in the local church.

Serve The Church

Volunteers are the engine that drives our ability to create a safe place for others to experience Jesus - many for the first time.  Each week it takes 100s of volunteers to create an experience that helps people connect with Jesus for transformed lives.  If you are ready to join a team, we have a spot for you! 

Serve The City

Too often today the the church is known for what they are against.  As a church, Cornerstone wants to be known by what and who we are FOR!  

In 2018, Cornerstone launched our local outreach called #formetroeast to serve the communities of the Metro East St. Louis through local partnerships, service, and events. 

Serve The World

We embrace the command in Matthew 28:19-20 to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.  We're committed to go beyond our walls through the support and sending of people who want to connect people to Jesus for transformed lives as growing disciples.

We partner with organizations that first meet people's spiritual needs and  provide avenues to meet physical needs.

Request Information About Missions

Want to learn more about our Local or Global Mission?  Have any questions?  We are here to  help!