On January 8, 2023, we shared our vision for Cornerstone to impact the community with the hope of Jesus.  
A part of this vision is creating space for people to experience connection & transformation by expanding our current facility.  
Cornerstone is launching a new vision to reach more people with the hope of the gospel! With a burden for Ones and through much prayer, this plan is designed uniquely to impact our community and create space at our campus in Shiloh, IL.

This vision includes:
  • Master Planning: In partnership with church designers, begin a strategic initiative to develop a master plan for our 20-acre campus for long-term ministry effectiveness through multiple phases.
  • Campus Expansion: In Phase 1, build a new worship center (700-1200 seats) and repurpose existing spaces for expanded Student and Children’s ministry.
  • Personal Investment: Launch a capital campaign in the Spring of 2023 to share the vision and raise necessary funds for the next phase of Cornerstone’s growth and impact.
  • Future Growth: With an emphasis on reaching our Ones, create new opportunities for Cornerstone to share the love of Jesus more effectively both locally and beyond.
Cornerstone has been working with Construction Team Management to prepare for and create building plans for our future campus.  Here are some digital renderings of the plans for the Worship Center, Student Room, and Elementary Room.  These updates were shared with the congregation on March 17, 2024 for our 1-year campaign anniversary.  
These designs are not final; more updates to come.

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If you would like to additionally give to this capital campaign fund, you can give online here.  We appreciate your generosity and look forward to the future of Cornerstone with you!

What is “This Is For Everyone” all about?

The vision of Cornerstone is to be a church of growing disciples making growing disciples by praying for and reaching our ONEs. Our mission is to connect people to Jesus for transformed lives. We want to be a church where your ONE can find the hope of Jesus because the church is still the hope of the world, and we want to make room for the ONEs in our lives.

Why “This Is For Everyone”?

  • Discipleship happens one on one, but community happens together.  Each weekend and during the week our current facility is at capacity sending the wrong message to those we long to find the hope the church has to offer in Jesus.  We need to create space for our ONEs to connect with Jesus in community so their lives can be transformed. 
  • David Platt said, ‘Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every unsaved person this side of hell.”  This Is for Everyone is our chance to impact our ONEs by creating space for them. To create this space, we must add on to our current facility.

What is Cornerstone planning on building?

Cornerstone is working with a church design firm to create a master plan that will help us maximize the use of our 20-acre campus now and in the future through phased building projects.  In Phase 1 (This Is For Everyone), we are planning to build a new worship center, repurpose our current worship center to create more room for Student Ministry, and repurpose our current student space to create more room for Kids Ministry.

What will this project cost?

With the help of Construction Team Management (CTM), our church design firm, industry best projections, and the ever-changing cost of goods we believe we will be able to complete all of Phase 1 for $5 million dollars.

Can Cornerstone raise $5 million dollars over the next 3 years? 

Are we working with anyone to determine how much Cornerstone can raise?

Cornerstone is working with The Giving Church, a church giving consulting company, that helps to determine how much a church will be able to raise.  They have helped over 350 churches raise the funds they need to see their God given vision fulfilled. They believe that over three years Cornerstone will be able to raise $3 million dollars. If the entire Cornerstone family participates as they are able, and as they are led by the Holy Spirit, we have no doubt that $3 million is attainable. Knowing the project costs $5 million dollars, we are prepared to borrow funds necessary to complete the project.  Every dollar given to This Is For Everyone reduces the amount of money we have to borrow.

How will this impact Cornerstone’s budget?

As part of This Is For Everyone, we are asking people to prayerfully consider their commitment to our campaign as an “above and beyond gift” that can be made over a three-year period. As families give to This Is for Everyone it will not impact the general budget. All funds given to This Is for Everyone will be put in a separate account and only used for the building project.  

What will happen if we raise more than the $3 million dollar target? 

What will happen if we don’t raise $3 million dollars?

  • If we exceed the $3 million dollar target, we will celebrate!  This would allow us to look beyond phase one of the master plan currently in development.  However, the more likely scenario is we borrow less money against the cost of Phase 1.  
  • If we don’t hit our target, Cornerstone leadership will prayerfully consider how much we are willing to borrow in faith, just like those who stepped out in faith to build our current building in 2006.

What if I’ve never given to Cornerstone before, what should I do?  

How do I set up my This Is For Everyone giving?

  • This campaign is a perfect time to start. If you are invested in Cornerstone or looking to make it your home, we would love for you to be a part of our mission going forward. This literally is for everyone. To set up your online gift go to onecornerstone.org/give. From this page you can select “This Is For Everyone” to start giving to the campaign.  
  • If you are already giving, thank you. You can automate your This Is For Everyone contribution the same way. If you would like to give via check please note “Everyone” in the memo line. If you have questions Josh Mehrle, our Pastor of Operations, will gladly assist you with your generosity.

We are not going to be here in 3 years, why should we be a part of This Is For Everyone? 

This campaign is about reaching the lost in the Metro East and creating space for growing disciples which is essential to continue the mission moving forward. Our hope is that during your time here you and your families’ lives have been impacted by Cornerstone and transformed by Jesus. By giving to this project, you will play an important role in impacting future families who come to Cornerstone and the lives of those who don’t yet know Jesus.

Tell Us About Your One

On our This Is For Everyone Scratch Card, we gave you a "Create your own prompt or activity for your One!" block.  Tell us about what you ended up doing together and how time with your One went.