Cornerstone Residency

What is a Residency?

A residency is an extended ministry experience (6 months or 1 year) in a specialty area of ministry after a student/graduate has completed some form of ministry training/internship. Many residents are post-graduate or near-graduation students.

The Cornerstone Residency Program is a supervised experience for aspiring ministers to acquire training in effective ministry and to apply what he/she has learned in school to develop skills for church ministry and leadership. It is available to undergraduate students, graduate students, or those who have recently finished their formal education. It is a six month or year-long experience designed to prepare those who are passionate about leading in ministry to do sustainable and quality work in the local church.

Why have a Residency?

  • To provide a culmination of serving and learning experience to equip and empower the resident to live out a life of ministry.
  • To provide the ministries of Cornerstone Christian Church with quality team members for development and ministry leadership opportunities.
  • To expand ministry outlets with staff oversight that do not yet require a full-time minister, while giving residents the opportunity to lead in a fast-paced ministry environment in a large church setting.
  • To provide an aspiring minister with a quality training experience, equipping them for healthy ministry in the Kingdom for years to come.
  • To bring health to the leadership of God’s church in the minister’s early years of leadership. 1500 pastors leave the ministry every month because of fatigue, frustration, or moral failure.


  • 6-months to a 1-year program at Cornerstone Christian Church
  • Ministry training and development
  • 30 hours per week of vocational ministry experience
  • Marketplace business partners that provide additional part-time income
  • Host home or Resident housing provided
  • Life coaching
  • A weekly cost of living stipend
  • Job placement training and assistance
  • Potential educational partnership

Ministry Opportunities:

  • Creative Arts
  • Student Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Adult Ministry
  • Outreach
  • Multi-site
  • Communications

Contact Info:

If you have questions about our Residency program, feel free to fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon!