A Note From Chris July 1, 2021

With July 4th coming up this weekend, it seems appropriate to take a moment to celebrate some of what God is doing in our midst. Here are a few things to celebrate and keep in prayer this week.

Cornerstone Nights and Baptisms – What an incredible time of worship we had together at the Shiloh Campus last Sunday! If you missed it…. you truly did miss it. Along with a fantastic time of worship, we celebrated 6 baptisms together with several more on the docket for upcoming weeks. Praise God!

Summer Lunch Program – As we’ve done for multiple years now, a team of volunteers is taking lunches to families who need them every week this summer. Cornerstone serves alongside a number of other churches within two different programs in our area to help provide food all summer long. Praise God!

Camp(Us) Student Camp – More details to come next week, but Camp(Us) has been a huge success this week. Be in prayer for tonight’s closing session, as our students will be called to take the flag Jesus has given and live each day for him. Around 100 kids are participating at the Shiloh campus. Praise God!

Exodus Series – I’ve had so many people mention how much they are appreciating our summer series through Exodus. I’m encouraged to hear about folks using the reading plan, digging deeper into God’s plan for their life, and taking obedient steps toward Jesus. Praise God!
This weekend, we will cover Exodus 7-10 and the first 9 of the 10 plagues God sends on Egypt. Have you ever wondered why God sent the plagues, and what it means for God to harden Pharaoh’s heart? If so, then make plans to join us this weekend for worship!

Vacations – I see pictures and hear stories every week of folks in our church taking getaways to spend time with family or to personally reflect. We are made by God to rest and take time to recharge. I get to do some of that myself for the next couple of weeks. Please be in prayer for Lenny Barber and Patrick Wheeler as they prepare to teach through Exodus during my time away with family.

Love you all! Have a blessed week!

Yours and His, 
Chris VandeLinde

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