A Note From Chris- May 18, 2023

This Is For Everyone Monthly Update                  
Each month, I want to take a moment and give you a quick update on our vision campaign, This Is For Everyone. Sometimes there may be more to share than others, but I’m excited to share things as they happen so you can join me in excitement and prayer for what God is doing.
First, let’s celebrate how God continues to move in and through our church. This spring has seen some pretty exciting things with some great stories attached. One college student told me last week they put two college friends on their light bulb on our Ones wall, and she led both of them to Christ in the past month. How incredibly exciting is that? Keep praying, friends. God is moving, and he hears our prayers.
Our plans for expansion continue to move forward as well. To date, we can celebrate that 350 families have given or committed financially to our “This Is For Everyone” campaign with $275,416 given so far. The ultimate goal is 100% participation at 500 families and a hopeful finish line of $3 million given in 3 years. If you haven’t yet jumped in on the campaign but would love to join us, please click here.
Last week, our team submitted the “footprint” of our new building and renovations to our design company and architects. Plans seem to always be a work in progress and subject to change. Currently, the new build to the east side (closer to Green Mount Rd.) will include an approx.. 850 seat worship center (with the ability to expand to 1200 with a future balcony) and 3,500 square feet of new lobby space for gathering. New baptistry rooms and bathrooms along with backstage areas like baptistry rooms, tech rooms, green rooms for the musicians, and multiple storage spaces will fill out the new build. It is very exciting, and like you I wish it could be finished tomorrow!
Our renovation project, which will begin after the worship center is open, will include over 5,000 square feet designated primarily for Student Ministry, including a stage, storage, and multiple breakout rooms.
This project will also include a kitchen repurpose/remodel and additional space for children’s ministry (approx. 3,900 additional sq. feet). With the help/wisdom of around 150 folks in our church, our lead team and elders have approved a plan that will both maximize our current space and set us up for future growth.
A few key prayer points regarding this project:
Pray the official drawings can be done in a timely manner to keep us on track.
Pray the bids for the build can come in quickly and will be affordable so we can move forward as soon as possible!
Pray for the continued growth or fundraising with the project as to limit any debt we need to incur to complete the build.
If you’ve ever built a home or worked on a larger project, you know these things seem to be slow and tedious, which is where we are today. But careful planning and thoughtful execution will set us up for the most cost-effective and ministry-minded spaces in the near future.
Have an awesome week, and see you Sunday as we wrap up, “The Missing Peace”!

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