A Note From Chris- September 28, 2023

This is it! This weekend is Baptism Weekend at Cornerstone!

As of the time of this writing, at least 25 people are planning to be obedient to Jesus and be baptized Sunday. Incredible! I’m praying God will double that number and move powerfully among us. While the stories of life change will continue to be shared, here are just a few who will be baptized:
One man who has followed Jesus for years (grew up Catholic), but his faith has come alive in walking WITH Jesus
A family of 5, both parents and 3 mostly-grown kids, all being obedient to Jesus
A school teacher who is committing to a life of loving Jesus
A mom and grown daughter who together are saying, "Yes!" to Jesus
A number of children and students who are ready to jump all in
A first-tour military member who recognizes her need for a relationship with Jesus
A husband and wife
A father and son

Each of their stories are unique. Each of them have come to this conclusion in different ways and at different times. But each of them are saying, “YES” to Jesus on Sunday. Would you please stop for a moment and pray for them, asking God to give them great courage and encouragement in their decisions?

Also, pray for others who are almost there, but need the Holy Spirit to move in their hearts and nudge them over the edge. Everything about our culture pulls AGAINST saying yes to Jesus. The commitment...the surrender....the public nature....the connection to a church...giving someone else (Jesus) the keys to your life-- all of it is counter-cultural. But it’s also FREEING. Please be praying.

I’m also sharing a great tool for relational evangelism (sharing with your Ones) called the “three circles.” There are a number of versions out there, but I will be sharing OUR version and teaching you how to share the gospel with someone in two minutes time.

This past week, I was at a conference called, “Spire”, and I kept hearing two things over
and over:
Healthy churches are thriving and growing
People are more open to Jesus than they have been in a LONG time

Both of those things excite me! We are seeing the growth, and we are seeing the openness. Don’t stop praying for your Ones. Invite them to come with you Sunday if they are local (or online). Make every effort to have conversations that lead to Jesus.

With the excitement of the weekend, there may be a few delays with kid’s ministry, busy parking, tight seating, etc. Be patient and remember people are being baptized. It will help you work through it.

I’m praying with you and for you. Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

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