A Note From Chris- August 31, 2023

You already know this, but we have a super special staff at Cornerstone. I’ve been in ministry full-time for 23 years now, and the staff at our church is the best I’ve ever worked with. Their.   attitudes, the passion, their love for Jesus, and their abilities combined contribute in huge ways to make Cornerstone a special family.
On Wednesday, our staff participated in a quarterly outing for team building. This one was     special, as we didn’t tell them where they were going or what we were doing in advance. As we drove toward downtown St. Louis, ideas and speculation were discussed among the various cars filled with staff members. After we pulled up to Busch Stadium for the afternoon Cardinals game, each person was loaned an appropriate Cardinals jersey and ushered to our suite, complete with food and drink for the entirety of the game. For some, it was their first game of the year. For many, their first time in a suite. The Cardinals won on a walk-off homerun on the last out in the 9th inning. It was awesome.
But it isn’t just the Cardinals winning that excites our team. Being together excites our team. Pulling in the same direction toward our mission excites our team. Seeing people come to Jesus and take next steps and grow in faith excites our team. Feeling valued and that their contribution matters excites our team. It would be impossible for me to list all the sorts of sacrifices and      efforts our team makes to love our church well. But at the risk of leaving out MANY of the.        incredible things, here are a few that come to mind when I think about our team:
Cathy Wright is in year 46 of ministry AT THIS CHURCH. We are all indebted to the example she has been and continues to be for our church.
All of my Lead Team have either exceeded or are approaching 10 years leading faithfully at   Cornerstone.
Taylar Knight (worship leader) lives in University City, MO and drives over to Cornerstone.     multiple times per week. But on Sunday, worship rehearsal starts at 7am, and Taylar and her husband (along with the rest of our Creative Arts team) and two small kids are there before     virtually anyone else to prep for service.
Our family team works long hours on Wednesdays, sometimes serving for 12-13 hours during the school year, loving our students and children well and setting an atmosphere to help them grow.
Many others work behind the scenes to create and run systems, check and process finances, set up meetings, oversee and proofread publications, develop other staff day to day, encourage and uplift our global and local partners, and so much more. Each and every one of them are so    valuable to our mission as a church family.
I get many of the accolades as the most visible staff member at our church. But in so many ways it is this great team that carries incredible weight with honor, integrity, and respect that is an incredible foundation of leadership for our church. I’m so thankful for them. Would you pause and pray for 2-3 of our staff right now, asking God to lift their hearts and encourage them in their faithfulness? If you need a refresher, you can find our staff page on our website here.
I’m excited to have Josh and Lashi Howard from India with us on Sunday. Josh will be preaching and sharing stories of how God is moving overseas. You won’t want to miss our time together in worship. See you Sunday!

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