A Note From Chris July 15, 2021

Thank you to our Executive Pastor, Josh Mehrle for writing our note this week.

I love everything about summer!  Well, almost everything.  I could live without the heat and humidity, but summer offers a lot to love.  I love the longer days, the sound of the birds in the early morning, the change of pace, and lack of events or activities on our family calendar.  I also love the memories we make as a family each summer.  From our annual 4th of July family vacation to staying up late watching a movie.  There is nothing better than the margin summer can provide for these things to happen.

As a kid there was one day I looked forward to every summer, and it always happened in late July.  That day was back to school shopping day.  That morning we would get the list and highlight the things we had to buy. My mom would sit down with the weekly ads and determine what we should buy where.  You know, notebooks at Walmart, pencils at Target, and backpack at Venture, that kind of list to ensure we got the best prices.  Then mom would take us shopping for the needed supplies. And once we got home, I would pack and repack my backpack until I was satisfied with the organizational structure of my supplies.  I remember this day fondly and as a parent still look forward to this day with my children.

Per the YouGiveGood website, studies show that starting the school year with the necessary school supplies promotes learning, boosts self-esteem, and helps keep kids in school.  As states continue to cut school spending, parents are being asked to bring more and more supplies (I don’t remember purchasing Lysol wipes).  Some families simply do not have the ability to purchase everything that is asked of them, but you can help make a difference in the future of children in our area by participating in our back-to-school supply drive.

This year our #formetroeast and Children’s Ministry team are partnering with the YMCA of O’Fallon to help fulfill school supply needs of children in our area.  You can bring the supplies any weekend in the month of July to one of our campuses, you can order supplies online and have them shipped to our Shiloh campus (775 North Green Mount Road, Shiloh, Illinois 62221), or you can make a donation and volunteers will ensure the needed supplies are purchased.  To find out more and get involved click here.

Let’s show our community we are #for them!

Josh Mehrle

PS: In case you missed it, this week we launched a new website, and we now have a Cornerstone App.  Check them out here.  

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