A Note From Chris - August 18, 2022

One of the ways as a church we try and help every person in our church live out the mission of Jesus is through what we call P.A.S.S. P.A.S.S. comes from a passage of Scripture, 2 Timothy 2:2, which says:
“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.”
That command in Scripture is obedience-based and action-oriented. P.A.S.S. stands for pray, act, study, and serve. These four critical disciplines are a great measurement for whether or not we are actively living out faith.

One of the best ways to prioritize the act and study parts of P.A.S.S. is through Groups.
We make a big deal out of groups because we believe we are better together. Being in a group moves the Sunday morning (rows) to smaller groups (circles) of people gathering together in growing discipleship relationships. Groups are small communities of people who get together regularly to help each other experience life transformation.

Currently, each weekend we are hosting Groups Expo, which is a chance to sign up for a group. We're excited to be able to offer Groups that meet On-Campus as well as in homes.

On-Campus Groups
If you are new to Cornerstone or new to Groups, let me encourage you to begin with an on-campus group on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons (following lunch). These on-campus table discussions will begin with a 10 minute setup from one of our pastors on the passages being covered that week. Currently, we are going through the book of Acts, digging into what it looks like to be a disciple maker in a meaningful way. Following the short video, study and discussion will happen at tables. In this way, we can all grow from one another and find meaningful community at the same time.

In-home Groups
Some of our existing groups meet in homes across the Metro East. Those groups choose their own studies from within our larger database, and will have group coaches to help them multiply and make disciples.

My strong encouragement is for you to prayerfully consider launching into a group this fall. Many have experienced not only life change, but also relational connection through groups that is hard to find elsewhere.

Sunday, we are tackling Acts 2 (the first part) and talking about the power of the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait to worship with you, meet your Ones, and celebrate all that God is doing. He is moving, church!

Yours & His,
Chris VandeLinde

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