A Note From Chris- August 3, 2023


The summer has been a very encouraging and productive one at Cornerstone. While many folks (including me) were away at different times, our attendance numbers and engagement has increased since spring. In fact, Cornerstone has grown about 20% so far in 2023. That is including the nearly 20 families we are aware moved/relocated during the summer. God just continues to fill things in across the board. As we near the launch of school, fall programs, etc., there are several things happening and a few things I need to ask of you as a church.

We are still a ways out from having a new worship center (I wish it were tomorrow!). That means we have to find ways to continue to grow without actually expanding our building space in the immediate future. Our staff have been creatively finding ways to make space specifically in the main worship center on Sundays.

- Our large camera stands on each side of the room have been removed to allow for space for additional chairs (we’ve used that space the past two weeks!), and the cameras are now controlled remotely.

-  A small construction project was completed last week to remove four feet of our stage, allowing for an entire row left to right (you probably didn’t even notice Sunday!).

In total, we will be able to increase the seating in our worship center by up to 150 seats in the coming weeks. Of course, that doesn’t answer space issues in Children’s or in the parking lot. But it will allow us to continue to grow while we eagerly await new spaces. Here are a two things that may mean for us:

1) Prayerfully consider attending 9:00am or 11:30am services on Sunday.

It’s no surprise that the middle service (10:15am) is our busiest and most full service. That typically happens when there are three Sunday Morning options. Often, folks coming for the first time, trying out church, etc. seem to land in the 10 o'clock hour. That’s been true in America for a long time. That means we need to regularly be adjusting to make room for Ones during the peak hours.

If you currently attend 10:15am and are able to shift to another service, this is a great time to do so. It would allow for even more growth at our prime service times. One thing that might help you consider attending another service is to....

2) Prayerfully consider “attend one, serve one.”

So many folks in our church are not just present for worship, but also serve in one or multiple hours. If that’s you, thank you so much! You are literally fueling ministry and shaping lives.

If you are in a pattern of attending one service each week, would you consider coming early or hanging around for an additional service and serving in ministry? As we reset ministry across our church, there are needs for new servants in virtually every area on Sundays, including Parking Lot, Preschool, Elementary, Greeting, Ushers, Next Steps, Café, Tech, Prayer Partners, and Family Central just to name a few. Check out the full list and fill out a volunteer opportunities form here.

Much love, church. Don’t miss Sunday....I believe it will be a special blessing to you and to others.

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