A Note From Chris- March 09, 2023

Cornerstone Family!
I am so excited about what God is doing in our church right now. Can you feel it? We are growing. We are seeing people surrender to Jesus. Kids, students, and adults alike are being baptized and accepting Christ. Families are finding healing and hope. People who have never been to church or who have never really walked with Jesus are opening their lives to him through our church. Kids are learning and growing in faith and raising the bar for mom and dad. Students are pushing back against the pressures they face and counter-gospel agendas around them each day and walking in truth. People from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives are linking arms to serve and do life together in Jesus’ name. It is truly exciting.
It seems like a very appropriate and timely season to launch a brand-new vision campaign this weekend called, “This Is For Everyone”. I’ll be sharing so much more over the next four weekends, but this is not just a series...it’s a 3-year vision campaign. Our desire is that more than ever Cornerstone will be laser-focused on praying for and reaching our Ones. Do you have a One? Is there someone in your life that you know could use the love of Jesus, and perhaps God could use you to reach them? This month, literally hundreds of thousands of prayers are going to go up on behalf of our Ones. We are going to take the hill in the name of Jesus on behalf of our loved ones and friends and neighbors and other soccer moms that we hope to see receive the power and love of Jesus. For some of them, it seems almost impossible. They just aren’t open to it. And yet, we know that God can move MOUNTAINS if we take it to him.
Don’t miss the next four weeks leading up to Easter! It’s one of the most exciting seasons our church has ever faced with a vision that is God-sized and yet so completely reachable. This weekend, you’ll be given some tools to pray for and reach your Ones. If you are like most people, it’s not that you don’t care about your One, it’s just that life can get in the way and squeeze out the priority to pray for them and look for opportunities to share with them. Hopefully, this series will help us re-prioritize our Ones. For others of us, it will be identifying a One for the first time. God will be blessed as we pray for and take steps to reach those he has put in our reach with his truth.
Also launching this weekend is the 3-year campaign to expand and build on our Shiloh campus. I’ll be sharing more details starting this weekend, but I am excited to invite you to join the rest of our church on a fantastic journey to make room for our Ones.
As we are growing, our 9:00 and 10:15 services are increasingly snug. That’s a great situation! Our team is actively taking creating approaches to add seating and make space. If you can shift and attend the 11:30a service on Sundays, there is additional space to worship. Would you consider joining me at 11:30a?
Take a moment and read Luke 7:36-48 in preparation for this weekend. Have there been times or situations where you had the attitude of the Pharisee? What about the woman with the perfume? May our attitudes and our approach together as a church be about reaching and welcoming those who are willing to come to the feet of Jesus. See you Sunday!

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