A Note from Christ August 13

A few years ago, a friend who was in my Cornerstone small group had an unexpected tragedy occur in his family. He and his family were understandably upset, shocked, and processing grief while trying to be a comfort to their extended family. Thankfully, he was meeting weekly with a Group and was able to not only express his own struggles but let others share the burden that this unfortunate tragedy caused. That situation also allowed others to come around him in prayer and support as he navigated uncharted waters.

Prayerfully, the number of tragedies or deep rooted pains will be at a minimum in your life. But even short of something so heavy as a family loss, we need each other in community more than ever before. Isolation and apathy are two of the things I’ve heard people talk about the most over the past year. My hope and prayer is that the church will continually step up for one another and meet each other’s needs. One of the great ways we can do that is by being in a Group with other folks, studying God’s Word and walking through life together each week.

This weekend, we are launching fall Groups, and I want to strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider joining one. There are Groups for men, women, couples and singles on virtually every day of the week. You can check out the existing Groups here or talk to a Groups representative this weekend in-person before or after any service near Next Steps (at both campuses). Do yourself and your future Group a favor and sign up even before this weekend!

If you are new to Cornerstone or have never participated in Rooted, it should be your first stop. Rooted helps set up so many other parts of church community, and we encourage every person to walk through it with others.

Rooted is a 10-week discipleship journey that will help you acquire tools for a lifetime of following Jesus. Rooted participants experience:

  • Community: God uses relationships with people to help us grow in His love and grace. Rooted groups grow together as they help One another encounter and respond to the love of Jesus.
  • Life-change: Next steps of faith are discovered. Strongholds are identified and broken. Prayer comes to life. Spiritual growth is expected.
  • Kingdom Growth: The more connected we are to God and people, the more God’s kingdom will grow. Rooted helps equip us to love God more and be growing disciples who make growing disciples.

Please take a moment and talk to Jesus about this fall and your potential involvement in a Group. Really be open to the idea that through the challenges like time commitment, relational investment, and maybe even a weird person or two, that perhaps God is leading you to a Group to help you connect better and grow more.

This weekend, we wrap up our Exodus series, covering chapters 25-40. Have you ever heard a sermon on 16 chapters? Can’t wait to worship with you at Shiloh, O’Fallon, or Cornerstone Anywhere on Sunday. Love you all!

Yours & His, 

Chris VandeLinde

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