A Note From Chris - March 24, 2022


I’m excited to start a brand new sermon series this week called, “Famous Last Words."

What someone says when they are leaving has a way of sticking with them. When someone says, “I love you” as they leave for travel, they leave their heartfelt love with those they will miss while they are gone. More importantly, what someone says when they are saying their final goodbyes says a lot about what means the most to them.

In Jesus, we are blessed to have so many of his words and teachings. As He prepared for the cross and to reign forever in Heaven, He left us with some parting words. What Jesus shared at the end of His life on earth and before He rose from the grave are words we should take to heart. He knew life would be difficult for us and that we would struggle at times to understand and live out his mission. So he shared critical words with us…his famous last words…that help guide us to a life lived with him today.

As we approach Easter, we want to dive into the gospels and the famous last words of Jesus that are a guide to our lives today. We have chosen specific “words” of Jesus for this season of our church. First, we will cover John 15-17 and three of Jesus’ last words, all centered around the gift of the Holy Spirit, God within us. Then, Josh Howard from Central India Christian Mission will cover Acts 1, Jesus’ true last words on earth, when he commissions the church to be his witnesses. Then, we will cover three of Jesus’ words in Luke 23 with his incredible picture of forgiveness, acceptance, and humility on the cross. Finally, we will wrap things up on Good Friday with Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and completion of his mission when he says, “It is finished.”

If you have never been part of our Good Friday service or haven’t been in years, let me encourage you to participate this year. Our team is crafting a meaningful and thoughtful memorial service for Jesus and his death on the cross for Friday, April 15th at 7pm at the Shiloh Campus. It’s by far one of my favorite things we do every year. It won’t be advertised much publicly, as it’s intended for believers to gather and remember Jesus prior to our push for new folks on Easter.

If you have been inconsistent or carefully absent from corporate worship lately, would you consider regathering with us? As our momentum is once again building as a church, this spring is a great season to re-engage or engage in a new way. Join a group, serve on a team, invite your Ones to worship with you, give generously, etc. Your involvement and presence will be a blessing not only to you, but also to the others God puts in your path.

As we continue in our 100 Days of Prayer, I am thankful and prayerful that God will do all he wants through us and that we will not hesitate in our obedience or faithfulness to him. To God be the glory!

For Sunday, please read through John 15-17. These incredible “last words” of Jesus are life-changing. Make a few notes of what jumps out at you, and let’s worship and look at his word together this Sunday.

Yours and His,
Chris VandeLinde

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