A Note from Chris August 26, 2021

Church family! As we approach another weekend, I want to point your attention to 4 things:

We’ve been banging the drum for a few weeks now. We will do so again when we gather this weekend. But if you’ve been hesitating but know you should join a group, now is a great time. I can’t say it will be easy or you will never be frustrated. In fact, there will be other humans in your group, so the chances are high that it will not be perfect. But the odds are highly in your favor that it will be meaningful, that you will grow, and that you will enhance someone else’s growth, too. You can sign up for a group here.

Each day, the news out of Afghanistan is hard to receive, knowing that despite the hard work of so many folks, there are so many problems and lives being forever harmed. But what is perhaps even more difficult are the trials many Christians, most of them believers for less than 10 years, are facing. They are aware that their days are likely numbered on this earth. Please pray for them. Here are some ways you can pray.

5 Ways to Pray For Afghanistan

In addition, Cornerstone is exploring ways with both global and local partners that we can help serve folks displaced by this situation. Be on the lookout soon for ways your family can personally contribute to help Afghani refugees and families in need.

Last week, I shared a survey we are conducting to get a gauge on where our church is spiritually at the moment. If you haven’t filled it out, would you please take 5 minutes and do so? It would help so much! Here is the link.

Today, Governor Pritzker issued a mask mandate for Illinois, effective Monday. Our leadership will be carefully monitoring and prayerfully considering what that means about our church gatherings for the near future. No masks will be required at Cornerstone this weekend, but as always, please feel free to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Friends, there is much to pray for in our world. Let us be on our knees together asking our Lord to work in and through us to be a light to a dark world with a litany of problems and difficulties. Come, Lord Jesus.

Yours & His, 

Chris VandeLinde

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