A Note From Chris- June 1, 2023

Summer is here!
While so much of summer is surrounded by trips, camps, family gatherings, and hopefully some downtime from the normal routines, it also is a fantastic time to start or continue spiritual disciples and see some real growth in faith. There are endless suggestions as to the best way to do that, but here are a few relevant to our church family this summer.

1. Get In a Group!
We don’t typically launch new groups in the summer, but we do have two new groups launching next week. If you are new to Cornerstone or looking to grow and get more connected, consider joining the women’s group or joining me with a group that will discuss foundations of faith for the Tuesdays in June. You can sign up here.

2. Go to Camp!
Ok, YOU probably can’t go to camp as a camper, but if you have kids or grandkids or neighbor kids, THEY can go to camp. We already have so many of our Cornerstone kids and students signed up for camp, but many of our weeks still have room. There is hardly a better investment of time in the summer for our kids than to get them to camp. Check out our available weeks here.

3. Join a Reading Plan!
Every week, Cornerstone uses the YouVersion app to put our sermon notes and service elements in their live feature for churches. If you’d ever like to follow along and take notes digitally on a Sunday, check it out. But YouVersion’s primary purpose is to help you read the Bible. There are thousands of reading plans that will alert you each day and help you keep track of your reading. We will be covering the fruit of the spirit this summer, so consider a plan that helps expand on them.

4. Join a Team!
As we say goodbye to some of our military folks who are relocating, we welcome new folks and backfill serving positions across our church. If you are not involved in serving, summer is a good (and helpful) time to add folks to a team. There are literally hundreds of places to serve across our church from children’s ministry to tech to greeting. If you are interested in serving, speak with a team leader or check out serving opportunities here.
Sunday, we wrap up our short parenting series with a panel of parents talking about their experiences and Biblical truth that guides them in their parenting. Even if you are not a parent, these principles are so important and useful. While it’s easy to get out of a regular worship rhythm in the summer, we can counteract that with setting the priority out of the gate to make Sunday worship a fixture in our week’s schedule.
God bless!

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