A Note From Chris- March 30, 2023

This is a big week for our church!

Sunday represents Commitment Sunday for our “This Is For Everyone” 3 year vision campaign. On Sunday, each person or family that is part of Cornerstone is encouraged to fill out their commitment card and turn it in toward our goal of raising $3 million over the next 3 years above and beyond our normal giving to build a new worship center and renovate/repurpose several spots in our current building.

If you have not yet determined what God wants you to give, please prayerfully do so! Our goal is for 100% of our church to be a part of this journey. That means every single, couple, or family considering what they can give financially toward this goal.

Let me strongly encourage you to be present at church on Sunday! I can’t wait to share a special “Ones” story with you as well as the final message in the series as we take to heart the challenge of Jesus’ words regarding loving others as a way of life. During services on Sunday, we will all be encouraged to leave our seats and take our commitment cards to specific places in the worship center as an act of worship together. As around 100 of our leader families have already committed $1.4m, I am excited to see how the other 350 or so families will commit so that together we can do something that none of us can do alone.

Here's the challenge: Commit SOMETHING. Whether you have the ability to do something significant or are facing financial challenges, the call is to do SOMETHING. Do something that honors God with what he is providing in your life to be a part of what we are doing together, and I know God will move in power.

Our desire as a church to reach our Ones and welcome them into our family is no small task. It is easier for a church to shrink back and just try and do well with the folks God has already brought them. Love each other well, meet a few needs, and celebrate the Good News of Jesus. But that is a limited perspective on Jesus’ call! He has not only invited us.... but commanded us to GO. He told us to be the light of the world. He gave us the responsibility to share his truth with those who do not yet know. And friends, we are on the cusp of an incredible season of life change and vision as a church. I can’t wait to celebrate with you Sunday.

NEXT week is Easter. If you haven’t made the call or sent the text or walked next door or across the office and invited your Ones to Easter, this is the time! We will be in the front yard in a tent where our future worship center will sit to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Make plans to come early or leave late to enjoy some time as a family across the campus with inflatables and petting zoos for the kids and donuts for the adults (or whichever works best for your family!). Pray for good weather and make plans to be here! It is going to be exciting!

I am so thankful to be on this journey with you, church. See you Sunday!

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