A Note from Chris - September 9, 2021

Happy Fall! Not sure when that officially happens, but cooler temps and the hint of changing colors in the trees means we are close!

Seasons are shifting at Cornerstone, too! All of our weekly Family Ministry programs – High School Ministry (HSM), Middle School Reach, and Kids Club – all launch this week (Wednesday or Sunday pm). So far, nothing but excitement, as students and kids reconnect with leaders and grow in faith together. If you missed out Wednesday night, make sure you connect for next week. O’Fallon Student Ministry is yet to kick off this coming Sunday pm.

This weekend, we wrap up what I hope has been a fruitful sermon series called, “Life Interrupted.” I have heard a few encouraging comments from folks who have been convicted by God to make a change in the way they approach their lives as a result. If you have a story or perhaps a way God has shifted you through this series, would you please reply to this email and share? We love hearing stories of life change!

This weekend, we will look at a familiar parable with a slant toward seeing life in a new way in order to welcome the interruptions. Please read Luke 10:25-37 in preparation for our time in worship together on Sunday.

Next weekend (Sunday, Sept 19) we start a new series called, “At the Movies.” Each week, we will eat popcorn and watch video clips from a modern movie, and then discuss the Biblical themes that are embedded in the story. It is a great time to invite someone to come to church with you. The atmosphere will be fun and the movies are great. Each week, I’ll be joined by another staff member for the teaching portion as we look at God’s Word and how it overlays with each movie.

While we will show the service each week on our online platforms life, we cannot leave them up online due to the movie copyrights. So, if you’ve been joining us online but needed a nudge to get back to church in person, consider yourself nudged! This will be a great week to begin rejoining us in person. If you are an online-only part of Cornerstone, make sure you plan to watch service live at 9:30am each week in this series.

Here is a rundown of the movies and who will be joining me for the discussion:
Sept 19 – Inside Out – Dusty Schulz
Sept 26 – Unbroken – Cathy Wright
Oct 3 – 42 – Lenny Barber
Oct 10 – Black Widow – Micah Balu

Here’s the question: Who do you need to text or call and invite them to join you? Who has been putting it off, but may come with you to “At the Movies?”
Can’t wait to see you there!

Yours & His,
Chris VandeLinde

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