A Note from Chris - October 7, 2021

This weekend, we wrap up a teaching series called, “At the Movies.” I’ve heard mostly good feedback about this series. I hope it has not only been an encouragement and challenge to you personally, but also provided a great conversation starter for you with your family or coworkers. To see the previous messages, check out Cornerstone's YouTube.

We still have one more message in the series, which is based on the recent blockbuster “Black Widow.” If you haven’t seen it and are interested, I’m told the movie came out this week on Disney+ or is available for rent on other platforms. Either way, we will show a few clips from the film and talk about one of the major themes in the movie – the main character Black Widow’s past. She’s haunted by her past and is working hard to find a way to pay for some of the experiences in her life.

We are not much different than her, are we? Most of us have some skeletons, or at least regrets, about how life has gone to this point. Sometimes, those regrets surround decisions we have made or things that have happened to us. So how can we ever really wipe the slate clean and pay back for what we have done? We will talk about that on Sunday!

In preparation, please read Ephesians 2. The reality of our sin is not awesome, but the reality of Jesus’ grace and redemption is completely incredible.

If you are struggling to find joy hold on to the promises of God in life right now, may I remind you how critical it is to stay connected to the life of the church. Doing life alongside others who are walking in the freedom of Christ is essential. A few ways to jump start this week are:

1) Pray daily
Personal time with Jesus gives us a chance not only to pour out our hearts and thoughts to Him, but to allow Him to pour into us as well.

2) Worship frequently
Worship with your church is not just healthy, but an essential step in staying locked in with Jesus.

3) Give faithfully
Giving financially to God through the church reminds us that it’s not about us and puts our values at the front of our checkbooks.

4) Serve regularly
Serving gets our mind on the needs of others and off of ourselves.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday!

Yours & His,
Chris VandeLinde

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