A Note From Chris - December 16, 2021

Can you believe it? Christmas is finally here! Whether that excites you or stresses you out, I hope that the next few days and weeks will be filled with God’s blessing in your life. It really is the greatest news ever that Jesus came to earth for us. Here are a few big things happening at Cornerstone I don’t want you to miss as we approach Christmas.

1. Christmas Services
If you haven’t yet decided when you are coming and who you are bringing, the time is now! I hope you will make plans to join me at Cornerstone this Christmas to celebrate the Christ child. Check out the times here.
There are some special things to be aware of heading toward our services. 
  • Cornerstone Kids is preparing for full children’s services this year. Get your kids excited to worship and celebrate in their own age-specific area. This will also help out with potential space issues and distancing in the main rooms.
  • There is a place for students (6-12th grade) to hang before and after services with some friends. Stop by the student spot at both campuses to grab a gift and say "Hey" to friends and youth leaders.
  • Come early to grab a seat, there is some pre-service entertainment that you won't want to miss!

2. Cornerstone Gift Swap
We are having an all-church gift exchange during our Christmas services. Grab a gift for up to $25, wrap it and bring it with you to the Christmas service you plan to attend. After the service, pick up a different gift. Later- follow instructions to complete the swap. It’s a small and fun way we are connecting as a church family this year. Do one per family or one each or whatever works for you! Sign-up here to join in the fun.

3. Cornerstone CARES

This year, our Christmas offerings and year end giving are both going toward Cornerstone CARES, an outlet of our church to help meet needs locally and globally. The first $20,000 will be given to Oasis International to help with Afghani Refugee placement and needs in the St. Louis area. The rest of the gifts will go toward needs such as family crises, COVID disaster relief, tornado relief, or other local needs as they arise. These funds also allow us to respond immediately to our local and global partners as their needs arise throughout 2022. You can bring a gift with you to Christmas services or make a digital gift here.

4. December 26th Online services ONLY
We will not have in-person services on Sunday 12/26, but encourage families to stream our services on demand at home. Perhaps grab your small group, other people on a team you serve with, neighbors or family and worship together with a special service being broadcast online.

It’s an exciting season, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you. See you this Sunday!

Yours and His,
Chris VandeLinde

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